Hi! Thanks for dropping in.

I'm Karyn, the owner of TowelMaid

I live in New England with my husband of over 25 years and my 3 kids and 3 cats. I know, I'm bordering on cat lady status, but they're so cute and our house is too small for dogs.

My two passions outside of my family and TowelMaid are solving problems and everything 80s. I owned that decade with my legwarmers, big hair and blue eye shadow. I'll try and find a photo and post it here. I think you'll agree - I rocked it.

I started this business about 14 years ago when my mother convinced me to create "the perfect poolside towel rack" with her. After a lot of trial and error, we came up with our first design. She loved it and my family convinced me to try and sell them.

So that is how TowelMaid began. (Well, there were many more exciting twists and turns but I'll save those details for my memoires.)

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